Hello June

We’re nearing the sixth month of this year. The SIXTH. We’re already halfway 2017! Time flies when you’re having fun… But let’s get down to business. I have some goals to review and some new goals to make! Goodbye May, you were amazing. Hello June, let’s hope you will be just as amazing.


Let’s review the goals I made a month ago!

1. Make Lilo feel welcome and loved

Lilo 7

I’m pretty sure I nailed this one. Lilo absolutely loves her new home! She loves to cuddle, play and she purrs: a lot. If you want some more cat-talk, check out this blogpost: Buki and Lilo’s adventures #1!

2. Keeping up the good work

This goal might have been kind of… blurry, but I think I did well! I kept working on school and my blog. I kept myself busy AND I took breaks whenever I needed one! I think it’s safe to say I completed this goal.

Goodbye May Hello June


1. Have an amazing time in PARIS


Yes, I’m going to PARIS with my sister this June (June 5th – June 8th)! I’m so excited, AAH! We rented an apartment very close to the Eiffel Tower. You guys will definitely see a blogpost about my time in Paris when I’m back :).

2. Keep track of my expenses

This will be an important one this month, since I’m ‘planning’ on spending quite a lot of money in Paris. It’s important for me to see what I’m spending all this money on, so I will be keeping track of it!

3. Work in a café at least once a week

I’m really excited about this goal. I’m currently sitting in a cute café in Rotterdam (Baker and Moore) and I’m working on my blog, school and some other things. I’m so productive today and I think it’s because I’m not working from home! I tend to get distracted by things in and around my house, such as my cats. I am going to try to work somewhere else at least once a week and see if I will get more stuff done. I’m excited to see the results!

That’s it, those are my goals for June. I hope June will be a nice month. I’ve heard that the weather is going to be nice, so that’s a good sign!

Enjoy this month :)

– Hayet



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