Just a rant

Everybody needs to complain from time to time. I tend to complain quite a lot, usually to my best friend or mother and then usually about ‘big world problems’, such as climate change, the new American president and discrimination. I wanted to try something new and see if writing my complaints down has the same effect as telling them to someone. Ranting to someone usually gives me a clearer vision of the situation and just makes me feel a little better. It’s good to rant sometimes!

Expect a very messy post full of complaints and brutal honesty.

  • First of all, I’m absolutely DONE with all the critisism on people who are just being themselves. Nobody is perfect, so why should we put each other down? There’s still so much bullying in this world amongst children, teenagers AND adults. Why is it suddenly wrong to openly talk about being a feminist or your sexuality? Yes, I know it’s becoming less of a taboo, but there’s still so much negativity around a lot of important topics.


  • Police brutality, Donald ‘Orange’ Trump and basically everything that’s going on in America at the moment. Now, I live in Europe, so I shouldn’t be too worried about all of that stuff, but it really bothers me. The idea of one of the biggest and most influencial countries in the world being so devided kind of scares me. Positive note: THANK GOD France didn’t make the same mistake as America by selecting Macron as president. (Okay, I know Trump and Le Pen aren’t 100% the same, but you know what I mean).


  • This one is a very important one for me and even thinking about it makes me pretty angry, so I’m glad I’m going to write this down now, so I can try to forget about it. Women and men of this world: you are beautiful. STOP trying to get that ‘perfect’ bikini body or starving yourself in order to get your body ‘ready’ for summer. Do you want a beach body? Litteraly take your body to the beach and you’re done. You don’t have to change your appearance to look more attractive in summer. Plus, all the fitspo and weightloss accounts on social media are kind of getting on my nerves (also, it’s triggering for people with eating disorders).


  • Okay, this one might be a little weird, because I’m a little annoyed by myself: Hayet, stop waiting for love. Love yourself instead.

I think (hope) that these were all my complaints… for now. I know this might not have been the most interesting post to read, but I just really felt like writing everything down. I hope you’re all doing okay! It’s okay to complain a little bit from time to time ;)

– Hayet




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