Buki and Lilo’s adventures #1

So, I’ve changed things up a bit. This series was first called ‘Buki’s adventures’, but because Buki is now no longer the only cat in this house, it’s now called ‘Buki and Lilo’s adventures’. Guess what? LILO IS NOW OFFICIALLY HOME! She is adorable and I will use this post to introduce her to you guys. I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with her, it’s inevitable.

Lilo came home with us on friday, May 12th. She had to stay with her breeder in The Hague until she was 12 weeks old. I have one word to describe the car ride home with Lilo: loud. She was meowing all over the place, but it wasn’t annoying, at all. It was very cute, in my opinion. She was probably just a bit scared by the outdoors or her ‘new’ cage.

When we arrived home, we instantly put her on the litter box, so she’d know where to find it if she had to go. We expected her to be in there for a while, because we thought she’d be scared of the new house and will try to find a place to hide. Well, Lilo appears to be quite a badass and when she came out of the litterbox, she just started chilling on the floor. I could pet her, pick her up and kiss her, she didn’t mind at all!

LIlo 2

A few seconds after she came out of the litter box, Buki discovered Lilo. Her reaction was quite hilarious, because Lilo really didn’t really care about Buki (Lilo is used to having other cats around, Buki isn’t). When Buki saw her, she froze. She just stood there for twenty minutes straight and then she started to growl. Lilo growled back. It was like they were having a proper, but aggressive, conversation. After a while, Buki got to scared and went back to the living room. The relationship between Buki and Lilo is still a little unstable. Buki still growls at Lilo when she comes too close unexpectedly. Lilo doesn’t care though, she just keeps doing what she was doing in the first place.

Lilo 4

Back to Lilo’s cuteness. Lilo loves humans (and to be honest: she loves me). Whenever I’m sitting on the couch, she gets on the couch as well and starts purring or gets on my lap. She isn’t scared of anything and LOVES treats. She gets a lot of them, because she’s so cute. I can’t wait to get some more pictures of her and share a new update of her life on here!

Everybody, this is Lilo. Lilo, this is everybody.

Lilo 6

– Hayet


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