A small photoshoot

I had to do a photography assignment for school. This had ‘Hayet’ written ALL over it, because I love photography! I thought it’d be nice to share the pictures I made with you guys. The pictures are made in the style of French photographer ‘Brassaï’. He always made his pictures in black & white with quite … More A small photoshoot

Hello June

We’re nearing the sixth month of this year. The SIXTH. We’re already halfway 2017! Time flies when you’re having fun… But let’s get down to business. I have some goals to review and some new goals to make! Goodbye May, you were amazing. Hello June, let’s hope you will be just as amazing. GOODBYE MAY … More Hello June

Just a rant

Everybody needs to complain from time to time. I tend to complain quite a lot, usually to my best friend or mother and then usually about ‘big world problems’, such as climate change, the new American president and discrimination. I wanted to try something new and see if writing my complaints down has the same effect … More Just a rant